Diamond Valley Learning Centre

The company wanted to refresh their identity and bring it into the 21st century, which they did with the launch of their new streamlined course-offering for 2016. The rollout of the rebranding is inspired by clarity the simplification of DVLC visual language.

The Challenge
With a limited budget, to become user-centred, we had to synthesize and present a website with relevant information in a simple fashion while reflecting the community spirit and inviting nature of the centre.

My role
• Manage project development
• Competitive research
• Sketch & wireframing
• Development of clickable prototypes
• Front-end design
• Develop user personas
• Lead content creation component
• Recruit and interview users
• Iteration based on finding

User Research
Interviews with potential users, current students, web analytics and staff, helped to understand user behaviours, motivations and context of students when researching online for courses and interacting with DVLC.

Research Synthesis
We identified patterns, pain points and logically grouped and categorised our findings under user types. These formed the basis of our personas and after reviewing a number of possible features, it also helped to visualise a Minimum Viable Product for the web.

User flows & Testing
Based on our persona’s goals, we came up with hypotheses that needed to be tested, and developed various user flows. Testing with sketches and prototypes, bottlenecks were identified early and iterations made to fix them.

Web Development & User testing
Based on annotated wireframes, prototypes and user feedback, the developers created the web. Users fiddled with it and we silently took notes while they performed tasks and answered some questions. Iterations were made based on this until a MVP was ready to be launched.

The Presentation to Stakeholers & Reflection
A report, including task success rating of the usability test, how the users pain points were addressed plus some recommendations was presented. The web was finally launched with some extra tweaks afterwards. Feedback from users was good as engagement, user flows, sales and web ranking improve.IPAD DVLC FA smaller1